Sinter s.r.l. was born in 1990 from the multidecennial experience in the field of iron market of the founder members.
Sinter is in constantly expansion and today can boast international professional business relations.
During the years the commercial engagement grown of the same quality with the consumers request, arriving at the top of the market.
With Sinter you can count on a specialized structure, always careful of the market's changes, ready to secure a higher level's service.
Sinter contribute with consumers and suppliers to establish a full professional relashionship.
Thank you to his spirit of enterprise Sinter is always in step with the new request of the market, working a dynamical trading with an experienced logistics.

Sinter s.r.l. Via Dossi 19-25050 Pian Camuno - Brescia - Italy
VAT IT02822620981
REA: BS482354
Reg. Imprese 02822620981

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